Sliding Door Air Conditioners

The most important thing to determine when choosing a portable air conditioner is the size you need. For help choosing the right size portable AC for your space, read our Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

Portable ACs pull in hot air that needs to be exhausted from the space it’s cooling. For this reason, all portable air conditioners must be vented using a single- or dual-hose exhaust system. Portable air conditioners can be installed through a window, wall, sliding glass door, or even a drop ceiling.

In addition to cooling power, portable air conditioners also provide helpful dehumidifying. This not only keeps your room cool, but also removes excess moisture that could lead to indoor air quality problems.

Many portable air conditioners include user-friendly features like remote controls, multiple cooling speeds, programmable timers, and additional operating modes. With our tremendous selection of portable ACs by the most trusted names in cooling, you’re sure to find the perfect portable air conditioner for your needs.

Soleus Air produces versatile portable air conditioners available in both single- and dual-hose configurations for greater flexibility in installation. Additionally, each Soleus portable air conditioner features a dedicated dehumidifier function, and some models double as portable heaters.

DeLonghi manufactures self-evaporating portable air conditioners with an innovative plug-and-go design. This eliminates the need to empty buckets of collected condensation daily. Each DeLonghi portable air conditioner is backed by one of the longest-running warranty periods of any brand.

If youre an eco-conscious consumer, youll be pleased with the green engineering concepts applied to each Whynter air conditioner. Whynter ACs come with auto-drain technology, space-saving design, and features that conserve energy and lower operating costs.

Friedrich ACs use high-grade materials for extra durability and offer top-of-the-line features and ultra-quiet designs to cool residential or commercial spaces.

Toyotomi portable ACs are reliable units that cool, dehumidify, and purify the air in one step.

Our Danby portable air conditioners—which are built with the same efficient operating design as the companys popular dehumidifiers—also feature multiple functionalities to give you true multi-season comfort.

For commercial-grade cooling jobs, such as cooling server rooms, manufacturing facilities, and special event spaces, use a Movincool portable air conditioner. Models like the Movincool CM12 can be easily mounted above a standard drop-ceiling for more versatile venting options.

If youre interested in value-oriented portable ACs with reliable support and service, a Sunpentown portable air conditioner is a great choice. Sunpentown portable ACs are available as basic freestanding air conditioners or as combination air conditioners and heaters.

Have more portable air conditioner questions? Read our Portable AC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article.

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